In 1986 the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) recognizing the significant disparity in cancer incidence and mortality between blacks and whites, approved a special initiative to reach African Americans. Thus, the National Black Leadership on Cancer (NBLIC) was launched as the first minority outreach project of the National Cancer Institute under the leadership of Louis W. Sullivan, M.D., Morehouse School of Medicine President Emeritus and Former Secretary of the US Dept of Health and Human Services and then an NCAB member, NBLIC was to elicit “the interest, support, and participation of the nation’s

  1. Dissemination of health information
  2. Smoking cessation
  3. Dietary modification
  4. Cancer screening and early detection
  5. Improving access to care
  6. Advocacy

NBLIC reconfigured itself into four (4) regions in 1996. The Philadelphia Chapter was the first of the Mid Atlantic regions formed now under the leadership of Chairman Lawrence Robinson MD, former Deputy Health Commissioner for the Philadelphia Health Department, and President Ernestine P. Delmoor MPH. They have expanded NBLIC’s efforts to develop rela- tionships with other high risk communities who suffer similar disparities and high mortality rates. NBLIC achieved this by partnering with academic institutions to design evidence-based education programs for African American and other communities of color .

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